New Weapon Mastery System In The New Video Of PUBG

PUBG has quite a new feature for players to become informed with now that a new feature of Weapon Mastery is live on the platform of PC. The new feature lets all the players show off their experience with multiple weapons through a system of progression that rewards them with quite special loot including several charms that hang from emblems and weapons that signify your entire skill. It is currently only available for the platform of PC, but it is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles little later.

Players of PUBG who participate in the runs of test server may have already completely familiarized themselves with the system of Weapon Mastery, but for those who have not, PUBG Corporation released the video on the official website and the youtube to summarize everything that is quite new. There is a new tab in the lobby of the game menus which advertises the system of Weapon Mastery and how players are basically doing with multiple guns, and that is where players will generally equip their charms and various other cosmetics that they get for doing pretty well in the game.

You can progress through Mastery levels of Weapon by earning Weapon XP in all the matches, PUBG Corporation said about the brand new feature. Hitting quite difficult shots, surviving much longer and defeating a lot more enemies will all earn you XP of the Weapon at a much faster rate. After every ten levels on a particular weapon, you will be promoted to the next Tier of Mastery (there are generally 10 tiers total). Gaining tiers and levels in Mastery of the Weapon will result in unlocking all the rewards content the system has to basically offer.

Though the feature of Weapon Mastery already has a lot of different areas for players to explore and should keep them completely busy as they try and generally advance through the ranks of mastery with various different guns, PUBG Corporation said it still has quite a lot more to do with feedback of the player helping to guide its evolution.

Weapon Mastery feature is the first piece of a much larger system that is currently being designed, PUBG Corporation said. As we adapt, learn, and grow as a whole group, we want to hear from you. If you have any particular ideas to improve the system of Weapon Mastery, ideas for future rewards, or any other particular thoughts on the best way to progress and grow as a player of PUBG, please let us know.

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