Entire Work and No Play? Not At McAfee!

There’s more to life than work.  

It’s a normally held and often stated view, but companies’ take it to the heart is few and is far between. McAfee is one of those few. 

Well known as an industry leader, the creator of influential security solutions and technologies, McAfee believes it is vital to build community among employees through clubs, facilitating and promoting fun, engaging and educational activities for employees. And this mcafee.com/activate puts that belief into action! 

McAfee Photography Club

mcAfee.com/activate recognized the M-Alive employee engagement committee to support various activities to inspire learning and creativity, one of which is McAfee Photography Club. 

This is close to my mood. As a wildlife enthusiast with a love of nature, I’ve found digital photography an ideal tool to express my desire and observe nature to understand it more deeply. Over the years, learning the art of photography has become a hobby in its own right. 

Quarterly Competitions

McAfee Photography Club runs quarterly photographic competitions. These have proven to be prevalent with employees, the very first competition drawing over 100 submissions. Given the wide range of images submitted, we decided to adopt a changed theme each month. Each month’s winning images are displayed and framed around the office.  

The competition engages numerous numbers of workers,  entering their photographs in the competition or simply appreciating others’ extensive talent, and images we have at McAfee. Entries are viewed across the world, one woman in Europe commented on an image of a magnificent lion which sadly lost its fight against cancer: “As I go finished this phase of struggle in my life, this image means a lot to me”. It’s wonderful to me that our art can be helpful to others. 

A Great Place to Work

Photography is just one example of those areas –arts, sports, sciences and others –supported and encouraged by McAfee. The company invests actively in helping employees to pursue interests and build community within the business. McAfee is truly a great place to work.

John Short is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games,internet and new media. He writes for mcafee products at mcafee.com/activate or  www.mcafee.com/activate

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